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President’s Message:

In 1983, The Isaacson family (whose roots in the steel business were founded in 1907) sold the warehouse division of their fabrication operations to a family group of investors. In 1986, we formally renamed the company Seaport Steel Service Center. Over the course of 27 years since, Seaport has been focused on our customer’s needs and that has guided the company to evolve with the new technologies and industry standards our customers have come to expect.

Seaport Steel is committed to excellence in all business relationships. Excellence requires dedicated, experienced people. Even with our investment in the latest equipment and facilities, progress is driven from the teamwork of committed, experienced employees. Seaport has outstanding office and sales people, precision processing people, skilled draftsmen, reliable shipping and delivery personnel, and management people with over 150 years of commitment and experience in serving the entire scope of the steel fabrication, shoring, manufacturing and shipyard industries. With Seaport, experience and commitment is the difference.

I am proud to be able to say that, of the 43 people who joined Seaport from the Isaacson Company 27 years ago, most are still working with us today. With rich experience and a strong knowledge base, Seaport’s commitment of developing all of our employees to serve our customer’s needs remains at a constant. Experience means service, so experience the difference for yourself.

Experience the commitment.  Experience: The difference!

Lawrence James

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